Oil to fire

The Maoists have been found time and again not abiding by the Comprehensive Peace Accord despite their hollow commitment to adhere to it. This raises large questions about the Maoists true intentions. The latest breach in the accord can be seen in their seizing of hundred of acres of public and private land ostensibly to settle the landless squatters or the like. What more in some cases the land has been put up for sale for prospective buyers. There are reports of such seizures of land by members of various Maoist affiliated organizations. They grab the land unlawfully and hoist flags on the seized property and confiscate them into their authority.

The Maoists have continued these brazen acts by blatantly disregarding democratic norms that they have pledged to abide by. The UCPN (M), although the single largest political party in the Constituent Assembly, should realize that under no circumstances can they proceed alone and that they should work in unison with the other political parties to see the peace process to the logical conclusion.

These acts along with the foolhardy unilateral declaration of autonomous states in the country that is now going on could lead the country towards a virtual state of anarchy and division. These actions have been taken without having the necessary bills passed in the Constituent Assembly with the approval of members of other political parties also. These declarations the Maoists say are merely done for publicity but it raises apprehensions for they could invite social and political turmoil resulting in conflicts and confrontations with the possibility of leading to a civil war that would spell disaster for the country and people. The activities of the Maoists clearly show disrespect towards the CA, and they can be taken as irresponsible and objectionable. After all, only the CA has the people’s mandate to decide on such matters, and the Maoists have not been provided with the authority to take action on such issues of national importance without due approval.

Besides, the rehabilitation of the former Maoist combatants is taking an inordinately long time because of the obstacles posed by the Maoists. As regards the discharge of the Maoist combatants verified as minors, the Maoists had turned down the plan that was brought forward by the Ministry of Peace and Reconstruction two months back saying that they would do so unilaterally. However, an

agreement has been reached in this regard with

the government, UN and Maoists all set to sign

an action plan in this regard.

Even as the peace process is getting a hammering from the Maoists there are frequent reports of Maoist disruptive activities from all over the country. As a result, industries and educational institutions have been adversely affected through protests and atrocities perpetuated by the Maoists. It is high time the Maoists realized that such acts are not conducive to the well being of the country and the people and that in this transient period they cannot be tolerated. With less than six months left for the writing of the new constitution, it would make sense for the Maoists not to add oil to the fire as they are doing.

Thinking garbage

It has been a snail’s pace as far as managing the garbage woes of the Kathmandu metropolitan city is concerned. Even after decades of foray into the garbage disposal task, no scientific and effective plans have been drawn to tackle the garbage management. This is quite unfortunate despite gaining knowledge about the garbage managements systems of countries. Over that, there is a frequent stoppage of garbage disposal because the locals of the disposal sites come up various demands. This tactics leaves the metropolis high and dry with rubbish piles at every vantage point presenting a degraded landscape of the capital city. The eyesore apart, the garbage lying unattended along the roads and alleys are always a source of dangerous germs and bugs.

That the present system of garbage management is inefficient can be discerned from the government’s decision to call bids from the private sector for setting up garbage-fuelled plant in the Kathmandu Valley. As the private sector is renowned for its aggressive pursuit of the objectives in other sectors, it may be expected that it can work out a desired solution to the garbage management problems of Kathmandu. It’s fingers crossed till results speak.