Fake crusaders

Apparently, the pace seems to be picking up after all those months of “unfruitful” talks among the top leaders of NC, CPN (UML) and UCPN (M). However, what can be discerned for sure is the unsightly posture of the largest CA party in unfurling its protest plan beginning November 1 if consensus is not reached among the major parties before that cut off date. It may sound a little too harsh on the nerves of the people who have yet to taste genuine relief after the decade-long Maoist insurgency and the post-CA election promises. It may be that the Maoists are taking a little longer to acclimatize themselves to the democratic norms and values, but their leadership is only digging into their pockets for incendiaries. The rule of law has not received the due recognition in their practices, all because they are not leading the government. A few slips here and a miss there could be taken for granted, but stalling the Legislature Parliament’s business just shows the degree of respect that they have for the electorate who mandated them with the twin missions of drafting the constitution and leading the peace process to a justifiable conclusion. However, the partisan interests seem to be overwhelming, thereby, fuelling the ambitions of the UCPN (M). Doing these types of disruptive acts, the Maoist party may feel complacent, but the people who they are said to be representing have to be the sufferers.

In a loktantric set up, bulldozing one’s way irrespective of the constitution has to be condemned. The President’s move regarding the then CoAS has been the plank of the Maoist protests, and every other day sees new demands being included in the list. Now, the dissolution of the present CPN (UML)-led government also seems to have been spelt out by UCPN (M). As if that was not enough, they have announced their protest plan to take place if consensus is not arrived at. It seems they want to make believe whatever card they hold is the winner. This is a total misnomer considering the fact that besides them there are other major political players, including NC, UML and

the Madhesh-based parties. However, all the

major parties seem to blow the bugle of consensus being around the corner, but the progress in the

direction is nothing to reckon with. More than anything else, the Comprehensive Peace Agreement has been assigned to the drawers, with the major defaulter being the Maoists themselves. They have to respect the pledge they made with the CPA, together the other signatories.

For the moment, the biggest worry that the government has is to get the current year’s fiscal year’s budget approved. How to achieve the task with the Maoist lawmakers not allowing the House to resume business since the last three months remains the conundrum. The government may have thought about a possible way out, the formal revelation of which is yet to be made. Now, taking a tough stance on the Maoists’ terror tactics, PM Madhav Kumar Nepal has hinted at the possible amendment of the relevant provision of the statute to bring the Maoists into the right track. The next few days has the potential to be crucial, politically speaking.

Bad fish

As was long suspected apparently there are many vehicle drivers with fake licenses. According to the traffic police, out of 1,477 driving licenses that were examined during three months only 70 were found to be original, and the rest were fakes. Driving with such licenses is a serious offence and should be taken up gravely. It appears that the racketeering in fake licenses increased after they were issued by the Department of Transport Management. Previously, they were done so by the traffic police. As a result, even those who do not know how to drive properly have fake licenses, and they are a threat to traffic. No wonder the incidence of accidents has been growing over time.

The Department of Transport Management should probe this irregularity and book the culprits involved in issuing fake licenses and making big money. Because of this racket, it is found that even under aged youths possess driving licenses. Since these youths, for the most part, are the major traffic rules violators, the traffic is getting to be more dangerous. Those in the fraudulent dealing of driving licenses should be arrested to make the roads safer.