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The political wrangling knows no end with the ruling and the opposition parties sticking to their own stances. In all this, the UCPN (Maoist) is taking everyone on a wild goose chase if their demands are carefully scrutinized. It is all but a ploy to become the ruling party through the tactics of not letting the Legislature Parliament resume business. The continuous disruption of the House proceedings for the last three months is the greatest mockery of the democratic values that have to be adhered to. Yet, oblivious to all logic and reason, the Maoists seem to be all out to see that every other political party agrees to the their demands, howsoever out of context they may be in terms of the buzzword “civilian supremacy” as per their own definition. Civilian supremacy as such is the prerequisite of any democratic set up, but the interpretation to suit the Maoist interests cannot be justified or accepted. Even as the going for the statute drafting completion by May 2010 is hitting one road block after another, the UCPN (M) have again come up with another of its demand. It goes to reflect

that the party is not serious about getting the statute drafting work move ahead smoothly, nor does it

let the House sit down for the stipulated tasks, including allowing the all-important 2009/10 budget receive approval. The drama that the Maoists have unfolded is predictable in that the only thing that they want is to maintain status quo and dynamism on their terms. It is no conundrum in the usual sense of the word.

The new demand floated by the UCPN (M) is for the present government to resign, and the formation of a national unity government under its flagship. The response to such a demand is in the negative by the ruling parties with the CPN (UML) and NC leading the band. The leaders of the ruling CPN (UML) and NC have gone on record challenging the Maoists to go for a

no-trust motion if they can. This is the hurdle

that the UCPN (M) cannot jump over in the present coalition of the political parties represented in the Constituent Assembly. Knowing this very well, the Maoists seem to believe that threats will work. In this line, they have touted that another round of jana andolan is round the corner. This shows how immature they are when the time for competitive politics begins only after the new constitution is promulgated. On the one hand, the Maoists talk of consensus building and at the same time of agitation goes against all democratic norms. Such behaviour from the largest single party in the CA is not expected but that is the reality for everyone to see.

On the consensus part, whenever the leaders of the major parties meet it ends inconclusively reflecting the wide rift that exists between them. All disagreements are based on the Maoist demand for joint resolution motion on the President’s move regarding the then CoAS, which NC has categorically rejected. The creation of the illogical “bone of contention” by the Maoists can be said to be nothing but to derail the whole transitional phase into total chaos much to their benefit. NC and like minded parties devised immediate strategies to resolve the ongoing crisis instead of adding bricks to uncertainties.

In need of help

Perhaps there is no greater crime than taking one’s own life. Just what drives people to commit suicide is still a matter of study. According to a recent study of the total cases of suicide reported in the country in the last three months, 97 per cent were committed in the Kathmandu valley. This figure indicates that a significant number of suicides are carried out by those living in the cities facing mental tension, hopelessness and failure, among other reasons. The most vulnerable segment of the population are those suffering from schizophrenia, a mental disease, according to experts. Again the findings show that more men than women committed suicide during this period. This is attributed to men being more likely to suffer from schizophrenia than women, and also because women are better able to handle psychological and social pressure.

Since many of those who commit suicide would not have done so if they had been provided with necessary counseling and treatment, a way to reduce the incidence of suicide would be to provide easily and promptly accessible help to the high risk groups. This calls for more provision of psychiatric assistance from the government.