Cleanup time
Corruption in the bureaucracy has been costing the country dearly and is believed to be widespread. The allegations about such irregularities are not without reason for when calling for calling tenders it is often found that fake documents such as forged citizenship certificates and letters of recommendations are submitted. These occur even while dealing with international companies. The Commission for the Investigation of Abuse and Authority (CIAA) now has decided to go high-tech in probing and curbing such irregularities in procurement in the public sector by advocating the use of e-bidding. This is believed to be a more effective in tracking down any anomalies, since this makes the transactions transparent making it difficult for the corrupt to manipulate the contracts. The CIAA has been hard put to meet the expectations to do away with corruption which has spread its roots unabashedly. The provision of e-bidding could go a long way in helping the CIAA with its investigations. Following the adoption of this technology in the country, one would expect good governance which all governments express their commitment to.
Now, secretaries of all the ministries have received instructions to go for e-tenders as soon as possible. This should check the corruption taking place
to a significant degree and also serve as an effective deterrent. Meanwhile, the CIAA should be more pro-active and conduct the needed investigations on cases where irregularities are suspected, and should carry out surveillance so that the guilty
are brought to book no matter how high position they hold. In fact, the public sector is perceived by the public to be engaging in corrupt practices
and, what is more, the erring bureaucrats are often getting away with them. It is as if they enjoy impunity, but now with the e-bidding in place these
should dissuade them as well as the contractors
who are found working with them in lucrative illegal dealings. Furthermore, now that the senior officials have been directed to set up good governance
units that would follow ethical practices it is expected that we would be seeing some concrete results
soon and a change that undescores transparency
and accountability.
Among the things that good governance envisages is acting on the complaints received and also finding out the shortcomings. It is expected that the CIAA would be taking tougher action against the departments not doing their jobs properly. The CIAA would be acting from the information provided by the service seekers. The departments failing to do so would be required to submit the reasons for such discrepancies in writing giving explanations in detail. The public is expected to extend their full cooperation in this endeavor to clean up the public sector. Considering the crucial role that the CIAA would be playing in all this, it is necessary to train and recruit more staff as presently the CIAA is hard-pressed to undertake the huge amount of work that it has to perform. In the meantime, the provision for e-bidding is an important step it would be taking as it would in a large way do away with monopolies that is prevalent.

For genuine ebb
The burgeoning congregation of feathers of
the same flock has certainly paved the way for
an unexpected upsurge of criminal activities in
the only metropolitan city in the country. The law
enforcement agency is hard-pressed they say, yet nothing is being done to spruce it up in terms of manpower additions thereby its further efficiency. It is another fact that it entails greater investments if only to maintain law and order. A man on the street out here does not feel safe any time of the day when danger or rather threat to life and property may lurk in any corner. The police personnel may have their hands full all because of their low numbers, and also because of what has been dubbed as political interferences, but that, however, cannot give them the privilege to close their eyes to the crime taking place right in front of them.
But, when the police files reveal a lower crime rate during this year’s Dashain recess, the skeptics may have their own explanations up their sleeve: the exodus from the Kathmandu valley for the festival. Now, with normalcy returning, it’s for the law enforcers to get their acts together to really see the crime rate bogged down for real.