The fees have finally been fixed for private schools. The meeting of the Central Monitoring Committee for the private schools has decided on the monthly fees for secondary, lower secondary and private level schools in Kathmandu district. Now that the fees have been set the schools should abide by them. The private schools are entitled to charge extra for things like computers and transportation. However, we find many schools charging extra amounts under some heading or the other like extra curricular activities. Most of the guardians would have no qualms of paying a little extra but there are many schools that charge for computers not even allowing their students to touch a computer. Besides, although they carry out no extra curricular activities to talk about the guardians are made to pay for the same.

Meanwhile, now that the fixation of the fees has been accomplished, let it not be false hopes once again. Disruptions of classes have cost the students dear and it will be difficult to cover the course in the time allocated. The schools should now set out in earnest to provide quality education with the new fee structure in place that has gone a long way in meeting their demands.