Editorial-No pockets to show

No pockets to show

Pockets are very convenient spaces that can

conceal many things from prying eyes. They can also act as repositories for what the deft fingers get hold of from others’ pockets. That makes it an apt subject of finding out what is inside the pockets. So, when CIAA directed the Tribhuvan International

Airport authorities to provide pocket-less uniforms to its staff, it meant business. And, giving such directive meant that pockets are notorious at the international airport premises. It wouldn’t have gone to

deprive the uniforms of pockets had there not been an urgency to do such to enhance the credibility at the welcoming zone.

But, one may wonder whether the uniforms

sans pockets would root out theft of passenger goods at the airport. This is moot question. If only the

management at the airport, where there has to be

coordination among the various security agencies, could get that in place, the free for all would come to a stop. The fast buck making syndrome at the airport is an open secret, which the anti-graft body wants to stop. Whether the results are as desired will only be known when the dress code takes effect.