EVs in Lumbini

Adopting reliable, safe and comfortable urban transport is no easy feat in South Asia. In most cities the transport needs of citizens and tourists alike are served by loud, smoke-belching auto-rickshaws and disorderly-operated buses that clog the roads and cause air and noise pollution.

The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Lumbini in Nepal has suffered the problem for decades. The government has sought to introduce electric vehicles (EVs), but lacked the funding as well as a source of affordable electricity to power the vehicles.

The relative absence of transport options has also harmed the tourism industry, complicating the travel plans of the 1.2 million people that visit there each year to see the birthplace of Lord Buddha. Clean and efficient transport is imperative for Lumbini to serve an ever-growing flow of tourists, among them many Buddhist pilgrims. But since Lumbini cannot live on tourism alone, the city is already hosting two Special Economic Zones... — blogs.adb.org/blog