Despite the drive of the present government, corruption appears to be finding novel ways to outmanoeuvre efforts to bring it under control. The Tatopani customs alone is reported to be depriving the exchequer of millions of rupees by levying low import duty rates to importers in lieu of a hefty price. According to the report, the custom officials fleece importers to the tune of one million rupees daily. Revenue collection is sure to go up many times, if the customs officials honestly collect government taxes. However, this is an epidemic also alarmingly prevalent in customs offices at the southern border where goods are imported in large quantities.

Commodities and goods worth billions are imported and exported via the southern border, especially through Raxaul, Jogbani and Sunauli, which are among Nepal’s major transit points. However, most of these goods instead of being imported or exported through lawful means are smuggled. It is anyone’s guess how customs officials, including those at the lowest ranks, manage to amass huge wealth. Wiping out corruption might not be an easy task. But the government cannot afford to overlook these bastions of corruption. The anti-corruption drive that the government has launched should not let any corruption-infected areas go unnoticed.