Eyes see far

Even before the much hyped tourism year has come around, there’s one coming up under the brand name of Tourism Vision 2020 that is supposed to be a strategy. Maybe the eyes have opened up to see the potentials that had been tapped since the middle of the 20th century.

The talks are high but the returns are still uncertain.

If the Tourism Minister has her own way to promote tourism in Nepal, the others too do not want to be left behind. If 2011 has already been booked, then a few more years later can be the target. And that’s exactly what has been done with

the TV-2020. This is not to say that the idea cannot work, but speaking alone cannot get any idea transformed into an action plan.

Hopes are high on tourism sector. A look back will clearly show how much the country has gained because of tapping of the tourism potential. We talk of a million visitors or even two, but will paper plans be able to get so many tourists landing out of nowhere just to fulfill our declaration. Where has the basic tourism infrastructure development reached? A look around will not reveal much except what is our natural and cultural heritage, plus a few brick here and there.