Fairer than thou

The Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA), citing irregularities in the recruitment process, has seized documents relating to the candidates who appeared for the examinations to compete for the several positions lying vacant in of the central office of Agriculture Development Bank (ADBN). The CIAA has claimed that top officials of the Bank were involved in influencing the selection process by accepting bribes from some candidates. The same practice prevails in many other offices in Nepal. Though this is a welcome move from the anti-graft body, such very occasional attempts would not suffice to prevent irregularities rampant in most semi-government offices and corporations.

The Public Service Commission (PSC), which is an autonomous constitutional body, conducts written exams and interviews for the recruitment of candidates in government offices, which gives meritorious candidates a fair chance to get a job. Selection of candidates by accepting bribes or influencing the recruitment procedure not only discourages meritorious candidates but sows the seeds of corrupt officialdom. In order to discourage such practices, the government needs to create an autonomous body on the lines of the PSC to conduct examination for the recruitment of candidates in public corporations and semi-government agencies. This would take care of the kind of problem seen in ADBN, leading to fair practices in appointments and promotions.