Festival of colours

Holi, also known as Fagu Purnima, is a festival of colours. The festival of colours has its great significance in our society. Like many other festivals, Holi imparts message of communal and racial harmony and promotes a sense of brotherhood. It is also a festival which is celebrated to mark the arrival of spring, while the colours reflect different hues of the season.

However people these days often indulge in some anti-social activities in the name of Holi. They are adopting different ways to celebrate the festival, which at times create a nuisance to others. Long before the day Holi is celebrated, harassment starts with throwing of what are called “lolas”. “Lolas” are water filled balloons which some miscreants throw at random passers-by. Girls often are the targets. Such activities undermine the true spirit of the festival. Then there are some who engage in brawls.

Holi is observed to maintain social harmony and brotherhood, but what is the point when people in the name of the festival engage in unnecessary scuffles? Every festival has a way of celebrating and breaching that kills the spirit of the festival. Throwing balloons filled with colourful waters as a means of celebration has been practised for long, but people these days often fill the balloons with dirty water and throw them at random people. This can be harmful to people’s health also.

Things have gone from bad to worse, as people also tend to throw rotten stuff at passers-by. These miscreants often try to hide behind the premise of Holi celebrations. Holi does not mean a license to harass people. Holi can be celebrated in true sense only if people observe the festival in a friendly manner. Since some people are allergic to colours, they should not be made part of celebrations that comprise colours.

Decent Holi celebrations involve extending greetings and wishes among family and friends and playing colours without causing harm to anyone—emotionally or physically). Colours are important aspects of the Holi festival but they should not be used in such a way that they become a blot.

Let’s celebrate Holi this time decently and spread the message of communality. Ours is diverse country and different colours represent the same diversity we have been bestowed with. Let’s make the festival of colours a binding force that keeps us united.

Let’s not taint Holi with unholy colours.