Fine idea

The Department of Education’s plan to issue identity cards to government school students from next year onwards can be of immense help on two counts. Firstly, this measure will help check the high dropout rate due to internal displacement caused by the Maoist insurgency or some other reason. Secondly, this will keep a tab on the exact number of children who are out of school. Each government school pupil will be identified by a number starting with the district number issued by the Central Bureau of Statistics, followed by the VDC and ward number, name of the school along with other information. Moreover, this idea can also help realise the goal of Education for All by 2015.

The experience of learning cannot flourish in an abusive and hostile environment of abduction, intimidation and discrimination as it severely affects child psychology. Many students have been compelled to leave school in the middle of the academic session. What’s worse is that while fleeing, the students are unable to collect their testimonials, which prevents them from joining another school. If implemented in right earnest, this programme will enable students to enrol themselves in any of the government schools anywhere across the nation without much ado. Uniformity in dress code is also worth considering as it can save the poor parents from the additional burden of purchasing a new set of uniform with every change of school. Impractical methods should be discarded at once and creative innovations introduced to make education a pleasant, enjoyable and fruitful experience.