First love

Osho has righty remarked that you never fail in love. You only rise in love. The intense emotion of love is really capable enough to elevate you to a higher state of consciousness.

Love has many colours and contours. And once I was also enveloped with the amorous version of love for one of my classmates in the university. It was otherwise a usual insipid day in the class, although our erudite professor was in his intellectual trance and was raining on us his blitzkrieg of unheard English words. A gentle knock on the door instantly drew my intention as I was sitting on the first desk quite close to the door.

A maiden bestowed with divine beauty and peerless grace elegantly sought the permission of the professor to come in. It was her first day in the class as she told me after the professor stopped droning on. Nidhi was somewhat late in taking admission, and thus she sought my assistance in managing with her backlog.

Over the months, we both became the best of friends and while studying together we would grab all the fun by bunking classes and watching the recently released movies. Now a close friendship was on the brink of blossoming into love. When we both were exactly on the same mantle wave length, I rolled out my feelings to her. In no time my love was reciprocated.

Cupid had now blessed me with my Muse. Like most of the lovers we also began to meet furtively outside the university and thereon decided to get spliced with each other for the life time.

But the much needed consent of her family could only translate our amorous dream into reality.

One day my Muse mustered up her courage and introduced me to her parents. But our destinies had different designs for us.

Her parents sternly disapproved our would-be love marriage, and tied her nuptial knot with someone else against her wishes. I was back to my home town with the degree of MA but without my Muse.

Twenty years have rolled by since I saw my love for the last time. After parting with her, I could not gel with any other girl. Having no malice against his Muse, this 46-years-old confirmed bachelor has now a vast treasure of memories of that elevating love.