Forgotten heroes

Dozens of monuments erected in commemoration of national personalities and events have been lying in a decrepit state in the capital and elsewhere. While a number of these monuments were destroyed in riots and several incidents of violence, others, for lack of timely upkeep, are well on their way to becoming an eyesore instead of being attractive adornments. However, the authorities do not seem to bother much — which is to dishonour the great personalities, their noble contributions and sacrifices and the legacy we are proud of. These monuments also provide glimpses into the country’s history, culture and tradition. This neglect will also definitely not send a positive message to tourists visiting the country.

The local authorities responsible for the upkeep of these monuments should not shirk their responsibility and take immediate steps for their maintenance and preservation. It has been learnt that the Road Division under the present public-private partnership programme is set to assign Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) the responsibility of maintaining and preserving monuments and structures of historical and cultural importance in the capital for five years. Other municipalities and sub-metropolitan cities across the country should follow suit. Our heritage is a part of our identity. It is our duty to preserve it.