Funny, frivolous or frightening ?

It was Freud’s theory of course that most of us are more or less familiar with — that our instinctual drives and their demands for expression on the one hand, and restrictions that society puts up against these fulfillments on the other hand, result in our basic conflicts.

The frustration, fear, guilt that arise from this dilemma makes us anxious and tense. And should we immerse ourselves into this mode, we may never live to see the light of day !

Well this is no joke but something that crosses my mind often whenever I pick up the newspaper to update and educate myself about national politics ( a subject that I have learnt has no fair play but is amusing at times for want of better things to do) international news or any other off— the— beat information.

The newspaper is an information tool alright and more importantly reflects the current social scenario which, if judged by the printed word , indicates that our society is caught in a grip of tensions that speak of contradictions, exaggerations and dichotomies that span widening gaps in social life between us, our interests and our realities. The end result is societal fear which at times is manifested and oftentimes clothed in distractive fancies and foibles .

Our realities, for the time being are for example—rampant infighting amongst political leaders for power, like crawling babes snatching toys from each other , with sadly no national respected leader to stop this mayhem rooted in selfishness; corruptive practices (or best practices?).

In the end what is there to muse about — but that someday soon there is an awakening of the rude reality — that the fancy free are but a minor part of our society and that there are others almost hoping against hope to enjoy the simple joys of life and living .

What do average people in the present context of Nepal seek— human security and an environment that allows self and others to lead a life of dignity.

But these intermittant flickers of hope seem to perish in the mighty and dangerous waves of political ambition as we have been seeing in the recent past-our emerging hopes for a better future, shattered ruthlessly into nothingness.