Garment export to US drops

KATHMANDU: Export of readymade garments to US market in the month of June has declined by 16 per cent because of a phase out of quota provided by the US government for readymade garments, beginning January 2005. The decline rate of export in May was higher than June. Export of such items to US in May declined by 50 per cent, reveal statistics produced by Garment Association of Nepal (GAN). In the month of June last year, readymade garment export had declined by 46 per cent. The declining rate of export this year has been quite less compared to last year as well as in May this fiscal year. Readymade garment worth $ 43,59,945.94 was exported to US in June last month compared to $ 42,-04,902.01 in May this year. There is a continuous decline in garment export, from August 2003 to June 2005 except in October 2004. In March this year, export declined by 41 percent and 15 per cent in April 2005. There is an alarming decline of over 65 per cent in readymade garment export to Canada in June this year.

Due to quota phase out by the US, there has been an immense impact on LDCs like Nepal and Bangladesh. However, India and China have benefited much, according to exporters. Asia and Pacific regions have been putting pressure on US for getting duty-free access to the US market for which LDCs have recently passed a Dhaka Declaration.

In the declaration, Asia and Pacific nations have made an unanimous demand for duty free access for 14 LDCs to the US market. The 14 LDCs, including Nepal, have already submitted a Trade Act 2005 in the US senate and House of Representatives for the provision of duty free access.

RPP dissidents defer general convention

KATHMANDU: Citing “unfavourable climatic conditions,” the dissidents of the Rastriya Prajatantra Party (RPP) have deferred the much-hyped general convention, which they were supposed to hold on July 13 and 14. This, observors say, has “averted” a possible split in the party. The dissidents had on June 10 said they were “compelled” to announce the dates for the convention “as the party leadership did not respond to the demand” put forth by the 527 convention representatives to convene the meet to thrash out differences within the party.

Confirming the postponement, party central working commitee member Bhuwan Pathak said: “We have decided to postpone the convention following immense pressure from the convention representatives, CWC members and district presidents as the monsoon season is on.” Pathak, however, said this decision would help the party establishment to “create a favourable environment” to trash out the intra-party differences.