Getting along with product ads

Ads for a particular product be it a shaving kit or deodorant has a direct impact upon an individual who is exposed to them for an instant or a lengthier period of time. It can leave him bewildered and nonplussed. This gives way to a dawning realization if these are explicit in content or delivery. Because of the way an ad works, it has a bearing upon those who see or hear them for the first time. Whilst some have a message to impart others have an appeal.

Any confusion caused in the process can be offset by making it clear, simple and effective. To achieve this end an initial market survey is necessary and must be carried out in a professional manner by an agency. The ad person only comes into the picture when this is finalized and given the final touch. He then draws upon his years of

experience and expertise to produce the visual or sound effects.

Whether any ad carries weight is

ascertained if it is important and has substance and meaning. Lurid effects are to be avoided as these have a negative overtone and is considered repulsive. So the problem is to earmark an ad that can be beamed into households or understood and accepted.

The launching of a product takes place after its main features are highlighted. A certain standard is maintained at all times and its mass

production taken into account. Before too long it may win the hearts and minds of a select group who are only too willing to test it out on a trial basis.

Publicize a product in a commercial manner. Word-of-mouth too has

its own importance in spreading the worthiness or value of a product. This also means investment in the right quarters is a must in the process of making it popular, consumer friendly and familiar as a brand. Prior to the guidelines set down and followed to its foregone and logical conclusion there is also the need to be the first in a field. Going out of the way demonstrates the capability to innovate, improvise and draw upon the imagination — from conception to completion.

Any product worth its name can be a success or become the reason for a headache depending upon how saleable it is. Nothing is lost if there are any number of takers but it can also fall short of meeting the expected target. In any case it cannot be surmised in the beginning how it will fare in the market - the attitude is to wait and see.