That the young are increasingly concerned about the environment and that they are actually doing something about it raises hopes that this country could play a role in this in some ways augurs well. Environment Science students are now demanding a separate technology section under the Ministry of Environment, Science and Technology (MoEST). Their lofty goal to work for the conservation of nature once they graduate is indeed commendable. Once they graduate they would have the expertise work to mitigate the effects of environmental degradation. These days there is increasing concern about the deteriorating environment worldwide, and Nepal too has not remained immune to the phenomenon of global warming.
The students want their future secure with the guaranteee of jobs guaranteed. So far, it is apparent that nature conservation efforts have taken a back seat. No doubt, environmental science has not been given the due it deserves here. Thus, the students should get a fair deal and their 12-point memorandum to the MoEST should receive due attention.