Global recession doesn’t count an iota when the local scene is taken into account. Lower oil prices isn’t something that does wonders for the consumers. An average consumer is overwhelmed to a state of utter exhaustion as food and vegetable cost more, educational institutions hurriedly raise the tuition fees, public transport entrepreneurs just don’t lower their rates, and overall the inflation rate has been pegged at 13 per cent. Even if an ordinary citizen doesn’t understand the fundamentals of the inflation issue, he/she knows what rising prices means to the limited family income. Even the central bank seems to be puzzled by the rise in prices in Nepal when the world over the prices have decreased for items of day-to day use particularly foodstuffs.

Whether the times are funny or ridiculous, the harassment that an average person goes through to make ends meet are not to be taken lightly. A balanced meal has almost become inaccessible, so what can be expected of the health of an individual? The vegetables that give the tongue a twist of taste besides the additional nutritional boost is costing more and vanishing from the cupboards. It’s like expecting manna from heaven but all that we get is meteorite showers that turn killers.