Graceful aging

Graceful aging concerns prolonging lifespan of an individual and the factors contributing to it. These are exercising moderation in eating and drinking, adopting a healthy lifestyle and coping with stress.

Anything that increases lifespan is considered positive, proactive and promises benefits. These may not be evident at first but becomes observable in due course. A trim figure is desired for health reasons, being a teetotaller and a non-smoker is a better alternative and being habitually free from anxious and worrisome thoughts are commendable — habits which are shaped and formed to last a lifetime.

To aid and abet longevity is desirable in every way. Diet is important in this context and one must not indulge and consume junk and fast foods. These have no calorific value

and are devoid of essential nutrients. Instead one should take home-made, nutritious foods that do not pose any health risk.

Exercising so that the body is toned, supple and firm is another way out to live up to a ripe old age. It is conducive to maintaining form and becoming free from aches and pains. Jogging, bicycling, aerobics and working out are some of the recommended exercises. These activities remove toxic substances from body, helps oxygenation and tones up muscles, although some wear and tear can result from exertion.

Longevity is desirable as it enables one to accumulate rich and varied experiences. It makes for memories long after the event has passed and a recollection of the good’ol days. It also means more association with one’s loved ones. Furthermore, there is more interaction with others and a chance to learn from mistakes.

Adding years to one’s life can be beneficial as there is so much to see and experience. One can be active and independent at an old age. The present unfolds itself and the next bend on the road to life can provide an element of the unexpected.

Growing old develops feelings so dear and special that there is nothing like it. If done with no bitterness, regrets and afterthoughts, the benefits of being on hold is that one is free to experiment and enrich oneself. The moments even though separate and distinct become one to those who know how to age gracefully.