Green ethics on the go

Whatever we know today is that information can be simplified as a mere sequence of binary digits that can be coded as per your need in your desired axis. This profound process of making complex and contextualized data known to all is guided by communication, with the help of a medium. The same phenomenon and prerequisites can be applied in the context of the planet earth where we live in the middle of objects.

The man-made three-dimensional world around us is the product on top of the planet. This could be whatever stuffs we like to talk over or use over and over. We are enjoying comfort of the world by virtue of our pristine inheritance, the nature. The stuffs that reach our hands are products only at the expense of Nature. The products and producers are doing unfair deals jeopardizing our lives more than wallets, and ironically we are letting them go.

The pollution that begins during extraction till when the product is dumped has become such a threat that it is causing gradual and inevitable extinction of Nature. To shed the green over this blue, Nature demands huge support from people. People around the world are making some effort in making the society green ethics-oriented and the economy be rephrased as green economy. But the blue still looms large. From perception to practice communicating green and doing green is the need of time.

A green form of action communication widely known as eco-literacy is a stepping stone for green ethics which reinforces our ability to understand the basic principles of ecology and makes people live accordingly, thereby fostering a greener economy. It is a way to transform society by grooming climate smart citizens and enabling emotional, social and ecological intelligence.

Eco-literacy is the first principle for radical changes that makes us know the do’s and don’ts and compels us to act green.

Ecological literacy is the only tool as it builds a foundation for an integrated approach to solve environmental problems.

Efforts are needed to make this critical set of skills and desires influence corporate philosophy and make it a policy reference point for politicians, business leaders, and professionals. On the eve of Post 2015 Development Agenda where Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) has been preached and ponders the impact of eco-literacy cannot be underestimated. Eco literacy creates a society that is more supportive of implementing environmental norm and laws.