Holistic marketing

Even if a business is made of various departments, the departments have to come together to project a positive and united business image in the minds of the customer. Today, the customers’ mindset is changing. Wealth is becoming less and debts higher. Customer purchases are  made after lots of thinking. Customers search offline as well as online for the right product and have good knowledge of the product before they purchase it. It is likely that the customer has already made a purchase decision even before he/she enters a showroom. Thus, a holistic marketing concept is needed to ensure that the customer chooses our products over everyone else.

The job of marketing communication is to send the right message to the target group. By approaching various customer contact points, a uniform message can be sent to the customer. The consistency is likely to raise confidence in the customer for the company thereby raising the brand image.

Samsung is an example of holistic marketing where the products are developed keeping the customer in mind. The showrooms are branded in the proper manner, the customer service is polite and the service is fast.

With the rise in competition and the limits placed on customers with finite financial resources, decisions will be scarce and as an organization we have to implement holistic marketing so that decisions are made by customers in our favor. A holistic marketing concept answers them all.

In the present scenario, there is a tough competition in the telecom industry as Nepal Telecom and Ncell are competing with each other for providing better services to the customers. We all know that Nepal Telecom is operating from the beginning of revolutionary phase of the telecom industry. Ncell had made many strategies to compete in the market. One of the strategies was that it had provided customers with free services of social media such as Twitter, Wikipedia etc. for the past three years which had ultimately increased their customers. More customers were willing to be a part of Ncell.

It can be a perfect example of holistic marketing in the context of Nepal as the main motive of holistic marketing is to provide better services to the customers as well as retain the customers so that they can deal with them in the future too. Another example may be Big Mart providing cash back schemes to their customers if they buy the products of the amount given in the scheme. It will help to increase sales as well and the customers will be enticed to buy their products again and again.