Hope and fear

Today, at a same venue, I met two journalists with two different journalistic backgrounds. The one was the man, who had run a weekly paper for twelve years, from Birtamod, Jhapa. Another was the man, who had just begun a fortnightly paper some months ago, but couldn’t continue it after two issues because of various reasons.

Obviously, one was so veteran who had already experienced seven years since he left twelve-year long journey in journalism. Another was one, who had just initiated the journey; or let’s say, he has not begun to walk yet. However, there were some commonalities between them. Both opined that journalism in Nepal can’t be professional unless they are backed up by some specific political parties. The veteran opined that his paper would not be closed if he was ready to become “Jhole Patrakar” of a party. The youth opined that he couldn’t continue his paper well, because his team aimed to do “independent journalism”. — diwapyak.blogspot.com