Nobody wants to fall sick. But the irony is that everybody falls into its grip at one time or the other. A large spectrum of diseases, from the common cold to cancer, could take shelter in the human body. They not only put people in agony but also bleed them financially. With new diseases emerging every now and then, people are becoming extremely conscious about their health. Alternative treatment methods, such as Ayurveda, homeopathy, acupressure, acupuncture, stone healing and aromatherapy, are now gaining currency. I had been sick for many years in the past. Visiting doctors and using medication were an integral part of my life. Even after getting the best possible treatment, as permitted by my financial status, I never seemed to have sound health. I was frustrated at having to lose my body’s vigour and vitality as the doctors could not give convincing explanation about my condition. Some of them even said that I would have to live with the ailment forever. My diseases were not life threatening, but a mere migraine or arthritis pain every single day caused immense despair, and the thought of having to live in agony throughout life was no less than a life threatening disease. Thus, when all sources of hope ran out, I sat down to think deeply. I tried to determine when the pain started, got severe and what initiated it. I became aware of my surroundings, and, most importantly, the food I put in my mouth became a matter of great concern. Observation of my daily habits gave good insight into understanding what might have been causing my illness. The things that made the difference were my food habits, stress at work, thoughts and feelings that emerge when I wake up, and the physical work I do. This effort at paying attention to my thoughts and actions resulted in immense positive outcome. Besides improved health, all other spheres of life showed change for the better. Healthy food habits, considerable amount of physical work, rest and becoming aware of my emotions to check the stress level did wonders. This wave of goodness did not remain in my body alone but also got radiated to those people around me. The realisation from this experience is worth sharing. Our body needs food in its best natural form. Firm discipline can motivate us into yoga, physical exercise and simple household chores. Spiritual guidance through prayer and meditation is just as necessary to think rationally and enjoy livin