Importance of medical tests

Medical Laboratory Science is a vital part of medical science. Physicians need to take the help of different tests for proper treatment of patient’s disease and to understand the physical and functional process. Correct treatment of disease is possible only by knowing the main causative factor and changes involved. In general, medication is a process of including different types of physical examination and its result in treatment which is the important scope of Medical Laboratory Science.

The external factor has a vital role in the body’s working process and on its effect to have diseases. Knowing the external factor at the proper time, one can manage diseases and prevent unnecessary physical, mental and economical problems. It is found that the cure of the patient is done in three working management levels in most hospitals and treatment centres. Firstly, the patient visits the physician with their distressing symptoms. After primary medical examination, the patient’s sample like blood, urine etc. is examined in the laboratory to figure out the causative factor and problem of the caused disease. Through laboratory examination, a genuine cause of the disease can be identified and cured in proper time. Although the examination of all types of diseases in not possible in a laboratory, in such conditions other diagnostic method such as radiology can be applied.

Medical Laboratory Science itself is a complicated and diverse field. Since different types of test involved in this sector carry different specificity and importance, only a single test can identify all types of diseases. Different diseases show separate results and analysis in the same test. Hence it requires more speciality. The result of the proper test at the appropriate time helps to know the real core of the diseases. Blood tests and other sample test like sputum, stool-urine tests have their own features.

Generally, it is believed that a laboratory test means a single test. But actually, it is not true. Rather there are hundreds and thousands of tests. Because of scientific development along with modernization and worldwide access, Laboratory Science is a significant field. We can find many scientific specialists awarded with the Nobel Prize due to their involvement in Medical Laboratory Science. Clinical microbiology, biochemistry, histo-cytopathology, hematology, genetics and molecular biology lie in Medical Laboratory Science.