Who says Mr Bush and Bill Clinton have nothing in common? Just as Clinton did on Rwanda, Bush is doing precious little to try to stop genocide in Darfur. Indeed, this entire generation of world leaders has a dismal record at intervening in this kind of murder, and now they are failing to stop the elimination of entire African tribes.

Obviously, most of the blame here can be laid at Sudan’s government. Sudan has armed and supplied the militia groups, who have been going from village to village, and systematically raping and murdering women, men and even children. The Times columnist Nicholas Kristof reports that last month members of the janjaweed militia attacked the village of Tama in southern Darfur, killing 37 people. In one particularly gruesome case, the marauders yanked two-year old Zahra Abdullah from the back of her mother. They bludgeoned the little girl on the ground in front of her screaming mother and sister. In another column, Kristof wrote that Arab men in military uniforms gang-raped Noura Moussa, saying, “We can kill any members of African tribes.” The shocking fact is, apparently they can. The Sudanese government is enabling them, and the rest of the world isn’t doing much to stop it.

It’s the same old Rwanda story, with the same indifference from the world’s governments.