IN OTHER WORDS: Second stage

The nation collectively paid its tribute to the security forces that braved the extremely arduous

conditions in the inhospitable terrain to achieve the national objective of wiping out terrorism. After finally defeating the LTTE what invariably arises is the challenge of implementing the second stage to bring about a complete end to terrorism and violence. In his speech announcing the capture of Kilinochchi, President Mahinda Rajapaksa reiterated his policy of building this country as a true homeland of all communities.

However, differences are emerging now on the route to be taken in implementing this policy. There is wide agreement that the Tamil community had suffered a result of wrong policies pursued in the past. However, some of those who were in the forefront of the government campaign against terrorism now seem to reject the contention that the Tamil community has certain problems and aspirations.

It is the duty of those who hail President Rajapaksa as the saviour of the country’s sovereignty

and integrity and his true supporters to extend their cooperation in achieving his objective either via devolution or through any other new political system. If they fail to do this, they will only be fuelling prolonged violence and terrorism in this country.