The three-year interim plan of the government to construct an express highway connecting the capital with the Tarai and an alternative international airport appears to be taking shape as the Korean Construction company, LMW, has presented a proposal to the Nepal government to run the project. The company, stating that it would incur the entire investment, has picked Nijgarh as the appropriate site for an international airport while selecting the 56 km Nijgarh-Hetauda tunnel way or the 86 km highway through the Bagmati Corridor as alternatives to the prospective express highway.

For years now, there has been much talk of the construction of an express highway. The government, however, has had to abandon its plans for lack of funds to finance the project. The construction of an express highway, which would shorten the distance between the capital and the southern plains, would not only make transportation more convenient and cheaper, thus reducing the cost of goods and services, but would also open up

new possibilities for trade and business to flourish between capital, Tarai and even across the border. Similarly, there can be no better solution to air-traffic congestion besetting Tribhuvan International Airport than the construction of an international airport elsewhere. But it is yet to be seen whether the government can ensure that the long-deferred projects are implemented.