Journey to paradise

The east horizon was getting brighter gradually. The roadside shopkeepers were in a hurry to display their goods for sale at the central bus station.

They were working with a new hope and zeal as the sun rose.

I along with several tourists arrived from our hotel with back packs. We lugged the stuff on the roof of a local bus. When the bus was full of passengers, it started to go ahead via Singha Durbar, Maitighar, Baneshor, Koteshor and the ancient city of Bhaktapur.

After an hour from the central bus station the bus was crawling up full of passengers to the Sagha Hill, as if a python was crawling after swallowing a pregnant goat.

The bus stopped at the traffic check post of Sagha. We turned west past Bhaktapur and headed to the valley of Banepa breaking the peaceful environment with the help of the silencer pipe of the local bus passing through yellow paddy fields.

The city was surrounded by green hills.

Heading ten minutes east we reached another beautiful hill town Dhulikhel. The Himalayan peaks were smiling in the north and evergreen thick jungles were blooming with different colors above the dwellings.

People were busy with their daily work with smiling faces. Farmers were waiting and in a hurry to harvest the paddy from the rice fields.

Teenagers were going to schools and colleges to attend their classes for the day. These scenes excited us as we clicked our cameras.

From Dhulikhel after sightseeing we turned to the west to another beautiful hill town via Nala valley to Nagarkot after lunch in Banepa on the same day. Nala to Nagarkot was rich with exotic flora and fauna.

Smiling people, beautiful villages, calm green bushes, and brooks with clean water and green hills were different attractions on the way. We arrived at Nagarkot after walking three hours from Nala.

When we were in Nagarkot, the mountains in the west were ready to swallow the red sun of the day. We went directly to a hotel and asked for rooms at the camp site. Unfortunately, the camp sites were already occupied.

We had to find another place, and it was getting dark. We found a camp site after a few minutes’ hard walk, but it was under the shadow of bamboo bushes. It would be damp and cold for the night.

The morning was clear and we enjoyed the sun. All of us were happy to have the Dhulikhel to Nagarkot trek.