LETTERS: Keep history, memory intact

KATHMANDU: The devastating earthquake of April 25 last year took many lives, and damaged a lot of buildings and historical monuments.

Among the destroyed structures, Dharahara has been an important topic of discussion. It was built by the then Prime Minister Bhimsen Thapa in 1832.

Though it is a tower with a long history, there are some issues, relating to its existence, raised after the quake.

The location of Dharahara is in a congested area in the heart of the capital. At the time of reconstruction, people are having a second thought about erecting the tower. Under the current circumstance people are fearful about any tall towers being built.

A section of society say the tower should be rebuilt strong enough reflecting the history, while others have come up with the idea about its alternative.

Some might suggest building something in memory of those who perished in the tower instead of the tall structure. Both the views are genuine to be reckoned with. High towers always remind of the quake taking many precious lives.

Hence, it is desirable to keep both the ideas in mind. History and memory of those who perished in the tower should be put together.

Both ideas can be kept together without losing its aesthetic beauty, historical importance and loving memory of the deceased. And on the other hand, its tall structure would remind everyone of the invincible pain inflicted by the disaster of April 25.

It would be better to erect the monument keeping the area safe. As both safety and identity matters a lot and equally, we should not be compromising on any of them.

Though reconstruction works have been delayed more than expected, responsible authorities should take these kinds of thoughts seriously before starting to rebuild our previously weak and unsafe monuments.