Keeping in touch

It was Saturday morning, I had just returned from the daily badminton practice and was having a morning tea with my wife. Then there was a call from an unknown number on my mobile. I usually get irritated by the unknown calls as they are mostly wrong calls asking for somebody else or by banks or insurance companies with their unnecessary offers. Assuming that call was one of them, with no interest I pickup up the call saying “Hello”. “Krish” a familiar voice spoke from the other side. After two or three seconds I instantly recognized the voice. It was from my old friend from my old office.

The last time I met him was almost six years ago. Actually though I was from Kathmandu, I was in Dhangadhi, far western side of Nepal as I was working there. Since we were colleagues we happened to be close. We used to share our work experiences and ideas. We used to have  many gatherings and happy hours together. All colleagues were jolly and friendly. Four years went by like a glimpse of an eye. After a few months I was called for a job in Kathmandu. I got the job but  felt sad as I would miss my colleagues and the fun  we had. Then I moved to Kathmandu and started working. I had new colleagues, friends and a new environment.

As the time passed by I got more engaged in my job and home with little contact with old colleagues as they say ‘out of sight, out of mind’. So not being in touch despite social networking site was really shameful. ‘I have recently changed my number and this is my new number.’ The voice from the other side took me to the present from the past memories I was in. I was just able to say ‘Ok’ though I wanted to say many thing but couldn’t.

“I have just been transferred to Kathmandu and would like to meet you; you free in the evening at around 4pm at the same place where we used to hang out for coffee?” This time I was prepared to say more than ‘Ok’ therefore, I said. “Definitely, it’s been long time, let’s meet and have some wonderful gossips.” “Great, see you at 4pm,” he replied. Well, the conversation was quick and a good surprise. All I had in mind was the flashback of all those past moments we had. I was wondering what I would say when we met since the friendship was close at once and quite slack thereafter. However, I was very excited to meet my old mate in the afternoon and thought it would be a good reconnect, and I hoped the same old delightful gossips would happen.