Keeping tab

Tribhuvan University’s 12-year-old plan to phase out Proficiency Certificate Level (PCL) has proved to be a half-baked loaf. The government’s idea was to bring PCL education into the Plus Two system run by the Higher Secondary Board. Though the internal education plan of the government stipulates that the decision be implemented in phases by 2009, the long-standing debate and disagreement over the issue has made the implementation rather difficult. The main opposition to the phase-out idea comes from the official failure to provide affordable alternatives to the poor students. The obstacle in carrying out the plan has therefore been a case of wide discrepancy involving the cost and quality of education. However, the idea can be taken in a positive light provided that the government takes certain measures to address the needs of both the students and colleges and make education accessible to all.

In order to end unhealthy competition among private colleges, the government first needs to keep a tab on advertisement spending that pushes up the cost of education in private colleges. Furthermore, the government needs to do more homework to make the phase-out idea feasible, particularly by investing more in setting up Plus Two schools in the public sector. But even more importantly, the government needs to overhaul its education policy, which calls for long-term vision and mission, so that even students with weaker financial backup can enjoy the benefits of education.