NEA not doing enough

Apropos of the news brief “Load-shedding hours up” (THT, Aug 28), Nepal

Electricity Authority (NEA) is in a real bind, as a 50-KW transmission line is down and the Kulekhani Reservoir has reached a record low level for August. Indeed, there was no alternative to load-shedding. What I fail to understand, however, is new power-cut schedule. As it is dark by 6pm, there is no point in shedding load at 7pm; it could as well be

done at 6pm, as this brief period of light would provide no comfort.

And why isn’t NEA doing more to promote energy conservation? Who needs glowing hoardings advertising beer or mobile phones when the country is is the midst of an energy

crisis? Surely the time of the power cut could be reduced if the unnecessary use of electricity was avoided.

P Thapa, via e-mail

No Nepali

This is in reference to the news report “Confusion over dress code” (THT, Aug 28).

I was astounded by the audacity of a senior Nepali bureaucrat who said he would have felt like a joker to sport our national dress at a formal gathering. The official might as well be ashamed of being a Nepali. Wearing a national dress

defines who we are and gives us a sense of pride and identity. Those who are ashamed of the national dress deserve no respect of Nepalis as well.

Ashish Singh, via e-mail


Even as CPN-UML appears to have made many concessions, it has, nonetheless, been able to bag the coveted portfolios of deputy prime minister, home, local development, water resources and industry. CPN-UML general secretary Jhala Nath Khanal had earlier refused to join the government stating that UML was a party that respected ‘principle’.

Moreover, CPN-UML is making a mockery of parliamentary democracy by nominating for ministerial berths those leaders who were rejected by the Nepali people in recent Constituent Assemblyelection. It has also compromised on its much vaunted values by nominating Bam Dev Gautam for the post of deputy Prime Minister, who, during his earlier stint as deputy PM, had made a negative impression on the public.

Similarly, the industrial sector needs dynamic leadership to infuse confidence among

industrialists and investors and create favourable investment climate.

I hope the latest turn of events was not part of a CPN-UML ploy to derail the government.

I would like to adivse Prime Minister Prachanda to limit his involvement in

major government decisions and establish himself as a ‘moral standard bearer’ in the new government. Also, he should put his foot down and not yield to pressure of other parties.

Adarsha Tuladhar,

via e-mail


This refers to the news report “PM’s fiat to speed up relief work” (THT, Aug 29). It was irresponsible of the Minister for Physical Planning and Works, Vijay Kumar Gacchadar, to blame the locals for the collapse of Koshi embankment. There are no grounds for

Gacchadar to do so. The government should instead investigate the lapses that resulted in untold loss of lives and property and punish those responsible for this devastation.

Ramesh Shrestha, Lalitpur