Save children’s future:

After reading the news “Nidhi for shifting school-area army barracks” published in THT on January 30, the students must have been happy. Various groups have been urging both the government and the Maoists to make school areas free from violent activities for a long time now. In Nepal both the rebels and the government have shown irresponsibility towards the children. Educational institutions have become a target and the students the victims. It is the State’s responsibility to ensure safety and security of the pupils. We have to protect the children from any kind of physical harm as well as emotional disturbances to help them in their education.

Rajib Sherchan ,VNSC, Banasthali

Family values:

This refers to the news “A Tharu banyan tree with 68 branches” published in THT on January 25. At a time when the joint family system is vanishing from our society, it was interesting to know that 68 people of this family are still living together under one roof. Kukara Tharu’s family have shown the true meaning of unity and understanding and that love and affection is possible even among the many members under the same roof. This is an example for all those who do not believe in joint family. Unity is a great thing in a family where all members share the ups and downs of each other’s life. The country can be united only when people understand the value of family unity.

Ambika Bhattarai, via e-mail


It seems that by pressing for the elections, the Deuba government merely wants to prolong its stay in power. Otherwise he would not be thinking of putting fat in the fire by declaring a poll date. Obviously, it is an extremely challenging task for the government to hold elections in a free and fair manner. The Nepali people may not even be able to go to the polling centres for fear of the Maoist cadres, leave alone choosing their representatives. And the Maoists have already said that they will oppose the elections. In the present situation, all the major political forces of the country should be united to formulate a peaceful solution to the problem. The prime minister should discuss this with all the parties. He should not delay the holding of a broad-based political conference to formulate a national consensus.

Bimal Ojha, Dhangadhi

Be honest:

It is most unfortunate that our country’s leaders have not yet realised the concept of loyalty and honesty even though the country is in a mess. The short-sightedness of the leaders has already cost the people dearly. However, as it is said, “in democracy, the government is the impression of the people,” there must be some fault on the part of the people as well. We are also short-sighted. Many of us value luxury, money, and debauchery as the gist of life. And this mentality is about to ruin everything. The politicians, bureaucrats, police administration, etc. are entrenched in corruption. It is a miracle that this country has not collapsed yet. It is time for everyone to work together and find out the true value of life and understand how peace can be attained, since peace, within and outside, is directly related to noble thoughts in the minds of the people. It is enunciated several times at several places, and in our religious books as well. Besides, one cannot expect a better and a peaceful future if one believes in greed, temptation, etc. Let our inner self be enlightened to create a better Nepal.

Bikash Shah, via e-mail