Down with the parties

Congratulations to your photographer for the photo that showed a student touting the police with a grotesque grin wearing one of their helmets published in the Capital page on May 8. The photograph reflects the breaching of the law and the basic rights of the general

people during the movement. Through daily blockade of the city, setting fire on vehicles and regular stone-pelting incidents, we, parents, are scared to send our children to school. Moreover, the bandh with the threat of violent retaliatory action against those who do not comply, curtails the basic rights of earning one’s livelihood, the basic right of free movement and put the battered economy on its knees. The King has indeed made a mistake. Yet one could have surely found a more civilised way to show his opposition. We people find ourselves pathetic and powerless in front of the political chaos.

SK Aryal, via e-mail

A hope

The mismanagement and sheer selfishness of the politicians, who governed the country, resulted in the present political turmoil along with the Maoist insurgency. Corruption has spread everywhere and politicians and bureaucrats have amassed fortunes. After the King’s takeover, people expected that the politicians would realise their mistakes. However, it seems they have not realised the ground reality. Analysts say unity of the five parties would be ephemeral because the leaders have, in one or the other way, aimed at the post of the prime minister. Everybody wants the same coveted chair! Isn’t this a matter of shame?

They have never been honest to the public. May Lord Pashupatinath bestow upon us a statesman.

Bikash Shah, via e-mail

Control it!

These days people are migrating abroad due to high rate of unemployment and insecurity in the country. Therefore, the country is losing its effective manpower day by day. It is affecting the economy too. As Nepal is in the category of Least Developed Country, we can imagine what the situation would be in future. It is high time authorities concerned took immediate and effective action to employ the youth within the country and control migration.

Salina Sharma, KU


Even though the THT website is good, I have found some problems with its html and javascript coding. The site has too many scripts that restricts too many things. Moreover, the page loads very slowly. I have T1 Ethernet in my machine, and your page loads as if I were using 56K modem. “Hiding” or “restricting” is out of vogue and you too will have to give up the outdated practice.

Tsering Lama, via e-mail

Who next?

The conditions that have been set for the next prime minister in line is but a vacancy

announcement by the palace. The eligibility criteria have also been set as follows.

The applicant must have a clean image. This position is based in Singhadarbar and will involve field visits to the Royal Palace as and when necessary. Interested Nepali candidates should send a CV with a cover letter at the earliest. Else, in all probability, the post will be filled without prior notice!

Who will be selected as the next “clean” prime minister? What are those ingredients which make an applicant’s image clean? This has become a point of issue in public.

Political parties are saying that they are not going to apply for this post unless the so-called regression is rectified.

Kahar S Khadka, Baneshwor