Iran, another Iraq?

When I read the news regarding Iran’s nodding for unconditional inspection by the United Nations on its nuclear programme, one question crossed my mind — “Is Iran going to be second Iraq?” Though Iran has repeatedly said that it has no nuclear weapon, the immense fear that developed after US-led attack in Iraq pressurised it for the unconditional inspection. It is true that nuclear weapon is a great threat to mankind. But the statement projected from the White House is incredible because it is baseless. What about other countries including the US that run nuclear programmes and possess nuclear weapons? Now it is time to understand whether the US is carting such campaigns for power or for peace. Meanwhile, the UN

inspection should be fair and unbiased.

Anuja Dangol, KU

Clean it

Recently, I returned to Chitwan from Kathmandu by the Yeti airlines flight . What surprised me was the dirty condition of the aircraft. Flies were aboard along with the passengers, buzzing and irritating them throughout the flight. It was no better than a journey in a crowded local bus. The pilots inside the cabin too seemed to be disturbed by the flies. If the pilots had lost concentration, it would have led to a fatal accident. Thus, I feel cleanliness is a must in every airplane. I hope all concerned will take the matter seriously as it is their duty to guarantee safety of the passengers.

Ambika Pandey, Chitwan

Keep it up!

I was happy to read the interview of Paulo Coelho in the Credos section. Instead of publishing tiring and irrelevant issues in this section, you should bring person like Coelho, who is regarded as an author of magic realism, and other lively issues rather than dead bodies and souls. Krishna Thapa, Kathmandu

Not complete

I am a regular reader of THT. However, I find it incomplete in the sense that it does not cover events and news of other parts of the country adequately. Even the national page contains only news of the capital. Moreover, the page is flooded with classified dvertisements. As a well-wisher, if THT is to be popular nationwide I suggest you should cover and publish events and news of other parts of the country as well.

Ashok Shah, Rajbiraj

Matter of belief

This is in response to Michael P Leahy’s letter titled “Worship true god.” God is belief. Treating parents as Gods only implies looking up to them and giving them utmost respect. And this respect purely depends upon the relationship that we share with them. Analysing and describing this aspect of belief is an unnecessary attempt to operate the relationship we share with them. Stating that Gods are infallible but parents aren’t and thus concluding that

parents aren’t Gods, is like devising a kind of mathematical theorem on relationship and spiritualism. Humans are a mix of the God and the Satan. Our positivism is God and negativity is Evil. A good parent in today’s world will be treated as a close, adorable friend and a “bad” parent as someone who should rather be neglected. The juxtaposition of Gods and parents to prove that parents aren’t Gods is quite irrelevant. I would like to suggest everyone not try to modify the parent-child relationship and threaten the respect towards our parents.

Beeral Rathi, Chhaun