Is a simple matter

The oath-taking by the Vice President is a simple matter. The Apex Court has already given the verdict and it is a lawful duty to abide by that.

Who knows this better that the Vice President himself who has a long successful

judicial career? I think it’s better not to drag all the revered offices of President, Prime Minister, Supreme Court into such issue which has already been decided.

By taking the oath in the Nepali language, the Vice President will not only honor the Supreme Court, but others will also learn a lesson.

Regmi Siris, Bhaisepati


Contrary to the pre-scheduled program, Foreign Minister Sujata Koirala, who had arrived from New Delhi only a few days ago after making necessary arrangements for PM Nepal’s India visit, is not part of the visiting team. It was really sad that Sujata being the foreign minister of the nation did not go to India citing illness. In the absence of the foreign minister, serious issues cannot be discussed in a successful and meaningful manner.

Roshan Kumar Jha, Kathmandu School of Law, Bhaktapur


Apropos of the article “Reward for inter-caste marriage, widow marriage: govt on wrong track to ensure social justice” (THT, August 16), the government’s plans really rile all women of Nepal.

The annual budget brought in this fiscal year contains many flaws that need correction with necessary amendments. On top of that, this budget has made a mockery of all women regardless of their status in the society.

The sum of Rs. 50,000 has been allocated for a person who marries a widow. The plan is

ambiguous in itself as it has not assessed its future consequences. Say for example, if one marries a widow, the marriage could break up anytime. In Nepalese society, most widows are above 6o years, except for a few, and they would rarely marry again. Yes, Nepalese society isn’t that modern to accept such

marriages. The budget fails to legally mention the age constraint of marriage pertaining to widows. It’s apparent that if such marriages take place, it’s just for money, and it will not help the widows lead happy lives. The government has merely opened the door to social crime.

Another plan is inter-caste marriage in which a person is entitled to receive Rs. 100,000 if he marries a girl from other the so-called low or high castes. What a ridiculous plan! Any

couple can easily hatch a plot and get married for the sake of money and later they may

separate after receiving his/her share after a few weeks. If a girl heartily accepts such a kind of marriage and the boy betrays her for money, what will happen to her? What if the bridegroom leaves the bride after a few weeks? Isn’t the bride’s life

ruined? The government must be accountable for such marriages, if they take place. Also, if such marriages take place, state vigilance must be maintained on such marriages in order to make this “absurd plan” effective. Or else, the government is adding to more unsocial practice in the society. Moreover, the plan has played with the sentiments of women and is prioritizing caste and race amid people who do not wish to.

S. Shrestha, via e-mail

A pity

It is a pity the Nepalese Embassy of Barakhamba Road in Delhi has no ambassador at present. The Prime Minister’s visit to Delhi would have been better imaged, had there been an ambassador in the Embassy.

It is very strange that the important Nepalese diplomatic mission has no ambassador at the time of the visit of the Prime Minister of Nepal. It is also very strange that the Foreign Minister cancelled her visit.

R. Manandhar, via e-mail


Apropos of the article “President airs concern over apex court order” (THT, August 20), the fact that the leaders of the country are busy over minor issue raises concern among the citizens.

Personal pride aside, taking the oath in the national language would instantly solve all

problems. Moreover, once the court has already given its verdict, will not it be best to

respect the decision and take the oath?

This direct disobeying act might be a sign of some cold war between the executive and the judiciary parts of the government and can cause lack of confidence in the government among citizens. The VP should take all of this in mind and prove to all that he is not afraid to take the oath in Nepali.

Bimochan N., via e-mail