Children of God

Child rights seem to be neglected when one observes minors behind bars with their

sentence-serving parent or parents. This is the story in almost every prison in the country. The reason behind many such cases is that the young children have no one to look after them when their parents are in prison. I find this situation quite ridiculous. The government must have a plan for making arrangements for the upkeep of those children whose parents are serving prison terms. If this is not done, as in the present times, how would such

children develop to become able and responsible citizens of the country? Nobody seems to be giving any thought to this problem. The civil society, the human rights and child rights

activists in particular, are only fond of making speeches and publishing their reports but no step has been taken to look into the problem and help the needy children in the best manner possible. I hope that some urgent action is taken in this regard.

Rekha Karki via e-mail


Recently, about two dozen school kids of the Hill-Bird School, Chitwan, lost their lives in a tragic road mishap at Nawalparasi. The very next day, another road accident on the outskirts of the capital was reported to have claimed two lives.

People continue to lose their lives almost every day in road accidents. The number of deaths in the Nawalparasi accident clearly indicates that the vehicle was overcrowded and the driver, who is still at large, drunk.

There should be weighing-machines installed at vantage locations on the highways. The traffic police equipped with these machines and CCTV should monitor the weight and registration numbers of vehicles. The traffic authorities should also make sure that the

drivers do not drive under the influence of alcohol. Moreover, lawmakers should urgently enact laws that prescribe maximum punishment for drivers who violate traffic rules.

V P Sayami, Kathmandu


The demand of an armed outfit, Virus Killers, that its activists be integrated and rehabilitated in the Nepal Army is not justifiable. I wonder whether such a demand, especially when the entire peace process hangs in the balance, is hardly in favour of the larger interest of the Nepalis. The demand makes one thing amply clear, though - the Tarai outfit is the least

concerned about the welfare of the Tarai people. Its adamant stance is only likely to complicate the peace process further.

Dwaipayan Regmi,

College of Business and

Social Studies, Biratnagar


A prominent leader of Tarai Madhes Loktantrik Party (TMLP), Hridayesh Tripathy, during a recent TV programme, stated that the NA and the PLA do not represent the Madhesi

people. He has therefore demanded the establishment of Mithila and Tharu Regiments in the Tarai instead. He insinuated that deployment of soldiers of hill origin in the Tarai would not be tolerated by the Madhesis. I believe that the national army must reflect a national character and must represent the country rather than a region. Tripathy must refrain from expressing such anti-national feelings in the future.

Bibek Sharma, Mandikatar, Kathmandu