Emergency obstetric care

This is in reference to the news report “Projects for better reproductive health launched” (THT, Dec 2).

Besides other common reproductive health problems, many women, especially those in the rural areas, suffer from uterus prolapse. Development partner organisations that organise health camps in the district headquarters for the treatment of such patients deserve appreciation.

However, unless the treatment of uterine prolapse is regularised through health posts,

primary health care centres and hospitals, the untimely death of women would continue affecting the Maternal Mortality Ratio (MMR). The targets of Millennium Development Goals set by the government to reduce MMR would remain a pipedream unless partner organisations exerted pressure on the government to make available effective

emergency obstetric care, family planning services and regular treatment of uterine

prolapse throughout the country.

Rai Biren, Maharajgunj, Kathmandu

Wrong focus

Even as the Maoist-led government claims successful completion of its honeymoon period, reality belies its commitment to good governance. Nepalis are becoming increasingly disillusioned by frequent incidents of murder, violence and excesses of its youth wing, Young

Communist League (YCL). Despite the claims of Maoist leaders, law and order

situation is still unsatisfactory. Moreover, the government, instead of concentrating on its major task of writing the constitution, has strayed from its path. The Maoists definitely are not in a position to paint too rosy a picture of their 100 days of governance.

Dipa Baral, Kathmandu


The Constitution of Nepal has guaranteed the right of equality to all. However, women and children in our society continue to be the victims of various forms of exploitation and abuse.

Trafficking of women and children has also raised the risk of HIV/AIDS prevalence among Nepalis. Many important meetings have been held throughout the Asia-Pacific region over the years to halt global human trafficking. Nepali legal experts, women activists, NGOs and organisations that have been in the forefront of the fight against human trafficking, however, believe that the issue requires more attention.

It is heartening that the Nepal Government is adopting measures to prevent human trafficking. These include witness and victim protection scheme, in-camera court trial and modern techniques of evidence collection of crime. An effective agreement between India and Nepal in dealing with women trafficking will also help control the problem .

Utasv Thapalia, via e-mail

More space

There is no denying that THT has been able to place itself in the number one slot for years now. However, I would like to give a suggestion about the treatment of celebrity news on the Variety pages.

Granted that Kollywood is no match for Bollywood in terms of quality but ignoring indigenous artistes will not help promote our own entertainment industry. Nepali artistes should be


Shekher Chaudhary,

via e-mail