Dishonest union leaders

This is in reference to the news report “ANNFSU leader accused of duping students” (THT, Nov 22). Many unwary students, especially those unable to attend the preliminary exams for enrolment into colleges, have become the victims of unscrupulous student union leaders. As there is no provision for students to re-appear for the tests, students often turn to

union leaders for enrolment, paying them a certain amount of money. Now with exams round the corner, a number of students have come to learn that they have neither been

admitted, nor do they stand a chance to get their money back. It is not just about the loss of money, though. It is also about the loss of precious time in a students’ life. Such union leaders should be barred from contesting the upcoming election.

Bibek Sharma, Mandikatar, Kathmandu


This refers to the news report “Much conceived, but little delivered” (THT, Nov 26). I agree that the report is factual as the government has failed to deliver as per our expectations. However, it might be overly judgemental to appraise the government’s performance during this short period. I believe it’s too early to say if the Maoists fared worse in terms of delivering good governance. The government’s first priority, besides addressing

day-to-day public concerns, is the drafting of the new constitution. And this is no small task in a country ravaged by ten years of insurgency and decades of misgovernance and


Moreover, the report mentions that the government has not been able to maintain friendly

relations with the opposition. As usual, this seldom happens in politics, especially in a fledgling democracy like ours. In addition, the opposition should play a constructive role but they are always busy deriding every progressive government effort. The report mentions that the appointments in the National Planning Commission are the “worst case scenario in its history”. I doubt if the reporter is well aware of the qualifications and experience of the

appointed members.

Dr Sital Kaji Shrestha, India

Grave threat

This is in reference to the news brief “Mumbai firing, 4 killed” (THT, Nov 26). It is a matter of grave concern that the terrorist attack especially targeted Westerners who were staying in Mumbai’s premium hotels. This reflects the poor state of intelligence and security arrangements there. India needs to strengthen its security and intelligence services so as to ward off such incidents in the future.

Shiva Neupane, Australia


As winter begins, the Nepal Electricity Authority adds load-shedding hours on the pretext of water shortage. Ironically, power supply during summer has not been regular either. Isn’t it a shame that we live in a country which is considered one of the richest in terms of water resources? Nepalis can no longer be fooled.

They can very well understand whether political leaders have taken their problem seriously.

The Maoist-led government and other political parties must deliver on their promises.

Dwaipayan Regmi,