Economic revolution

Prime Minister Prachanda has time and again underscored the importance of economic revolution in order to fulfill the people’s expectations. Defence Minister Ram Bahadur

Thapa “Badal” has also stated that New Nepal, in the next 20 years, would surpass the economic progress of South Korea and Singapore. On the other hand, the FNCCI has threatened to close down all the industries if their demand for an end to extortions, abductions, workers’ pressure tactics is not addressed. The government, despite its

several promises, has not been able to create a conducive atmosphere for industries and businesses to flourish.

This definitely does not augur well for the country’s future. Moreover, the trend of exporting the youth for employment in low-paid jobs also appears to face a setback under the present global economic crisis. The government needs to urgently enact a more flexible labour law and create employment opportunities for the youth.

V P Sayami, Kathmandu

Crying foul

Congress president Girija Prasad Koirala seems to have two objectives in mind while crying foul when it comes to commenting on Prime Minister Prachanda and the Maoist-led government — to keep others in his party from challenging him or his handpicked nominee for the leadership after him. It is distressing to see that Koirala has failed to realise that he has lost people’s trust in him.

Ramesh Bahadur Shrestha, Lalitpur

A contrast

Of late, the Gorkhalis in the Indian state of Darjeeling have begun a movement to protect their identity. The leader of the Gorkhaland Mukti Morcha, Bimal Gurung, and his supporters appeared an interview in a Nepali news channel sporting daura and suruwal. Similarly, the women in support of the movement were seen in chaubandi cholo and fariya. This speaks volumes about people’s love for their cultural identity. Ironically, Prime Minister Prachanda, who professes to be a patriotic Nepali, appeared in a Western outfit during the oath-taking

ceremony, and, ever since, seems to have discarded the national dress. What more can we expect from him?

Hari Ram Devkota,

via e-mail


The recent tax fraud scandal involving Gorkha Brewery is another example of the

government’s lenient approach to big business houses.

Home Minister Bamdev Gautam should not only target hapless street vendors but also take action against those big businessmen who are guilty of tax evasion and other irregularities, without fear or favour.

Paul Rai, Bhaktapur


Though Nepalis are not permitted to gamble in casinos, I have known friends who have gambled away their fortunes there. Nepalis are known to play cards and gamble, especially during the festive seasons of Dashain and Tihar. I therefore salute Home Minister Bamdev Gautam, who ordered the raid at the Anna Casino recently.

However, I believe that the government should punish the casino staff who, in

defiance of law, encourage Nepalis to gamble.

Rajam Prayash,

Jhumka-5, Sunsari