Carelessness at hospital

I’d like to draw the attention of medical practitioners towards the negligence of a newly established nursing home and medical college that lacks trained staff and equipment. I’d like to put one recent case that happened to a colleague. Due to his project job he had been to Sindupalchowk for a brief period. After returning from Sindupalchowk he got a problem of high fever and vomiting with chest pain. We hurriedly rushed him to a nearby hospital at Sinamangal. The doctor examined him thoroughly and gave him medicine for typhoid as initial medication. But, the fever kept on rising and the very next day we went there for the report and they told us it was not typhoid and further told us to consult an ENT doctor. They gave him medicines for the ear, noise and throat. But, the problem remained. Fortunately, next door to me lives a student of

microbiology studying B.Sc. When he told us that as my friend had come from Sindupalchowk and the symptoms were somehow similar to malaria, we rushed to Teku Hospital. There the doctor examined his blood and diagnosed malaria.

He is fine now.

Jenny De Gabrial,Valencia, Spain. Koteshwor( at present)

Swine flu

This is in reference to the news “Swine flu: HK isolates hotel Swine flu” (THT, May 2). It is

horrendous to learn how Swine Flu, a pandemic disease, has been spreading after originating in Mexico. The scientists have been doing homework to sort out the possible repercussion of this disease. However, it is still a daunting challenge for the global village this planet is.

What if this disease comes to Nepal. I think we should be aware of the possible devastation which may take place due to the frivolousness of the Ministry of Health and the government in this regard. It is high time to raise the awareness of every citizen to be very cautious.

Shiva Neupane, Melbourne,



This is in reference to the blog surf “Great Days” (THT, April 30). It really hurts when we hear negative comments about something that belongs to you. The writer of the article does want to drive in through

Kathmandu even if he or she is offered a huge amount. Isn’t this a matter of embarrassment for us-the residents of Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal? This article even reminded me of the day when I had asked an Indian citizen during his visit to Kathmandu how he liked Kathmandu. I was taken aback by his blunt reply,” I didn’t like Kathmandu, it’s too dirty.”

I felt uncomfortable and hurt by his rude answer, but I knew within my heart that what he said was quite true. Something really needs to be done regarding the environment of this actually beautiful city.

Shama Parvate, via e-mail

A slap

This is in reference to the news aired by a television station. I thank the media for making citizens aware regarding such news. I never imagined that even Nepal could be victim of such activities. When obscene parties have been banned in third countries and even our neighbouring countries, what makes our system so loose to make a business of it in Nepal?

Was banning late night parties and entry of Nepalese in casino only the mission? When such

obscene parties are taking place in the country, what is the government doing? The news report has given a slap to every leader and embarrassed the entire Nepalese.

Dwaipayan Regmi, Biratnagar

Nothing new

This is in reference to the news “Crime? Or Punishment?” [THT, May 3]. It’s nothing new these days to see street-kids sniffing glue, or smoking marijuana in the innocent school going age of 11 to 16. I was talking to a group of about ten street kids here in Lake Side recently and was deeply saddened after hearing their grievances. At first, they hesitated to talk to me, but later on they opened up all their inner feelings to me. The street kids are treated very badly by the people. The government must enforce the law that all these NGOs and private homes claiming to operate for the welfare of the orphans give shelter to these poor street kids from the

hundreds of thousands of euros they get every month from the donor agencies and sponsors.

Cool Cristofer, Lake Side