Right initiative

The government initiative to hold peace talks with the various armed outfits operating in the Tarai, “Parleys with Tarai groups soon: Minister” (THT, Oct 12) is laudable. As the example of CPN-Maoist amply demonstrated, violence can never stop violence, nor can any political objective be met through violent means alone. It was for this reason that the Maoists came to terms with the other political forces to continue their politics and pursue their objectives through democratic means. Now, the Maoist-led government has indicated that it will adopt utmost flexibility in bringing the armed outfits to the negotiating table. The government has also pledged to implement the agreements signed with the various groups, including the Tarai Madhes Democratic Front, according to the Constitution, and without infringing on the

legitimate interests of the other communities and national interests.

Suman Dahal, via e-mail


The plane crash in Lukla that claimed the lives of 18 people, including 14 foreign nationals, points to the unsafe state of many of the country’s airports in remote regions. How can airplanes be forced to run on grassy runways in the twenty-first century? These sites are places were disasters are waiting to happen. There is significant risk involved in flying into treacherous mountains even with good airports. But that does not free the government from its responsibility of keeping the airports safe for the passengers.

Shanti Mainali, via e-mail


This refers to the news report “Registration cloud over Sobhraj’s ‘marriage’: Experts” (THT, Oct 12). In Nepali context, a marriage is a social and legal bond between couples who have attained the legal age for entering this kind of relationship — men at least 20 years old and women at least 18 years old. It is every individual’s right to get married as they choose. The question is, however, that whether this age difference can be considered fair and proper. I am surprised how a convict can stage a marriage unless it is performed with the consent of the jail officers. But there can be no doubt that Charles Sobhraj and his fiancee Nihita Biswas have violated the social and possibly legal norms in Nepal.

Arjun Karki, Kathmandu


During the Dashain holidays, Kathmandu felt a sense of relief from the maddening traffic jams of normal days. The number of crimes went down significantly as well. This also indicates that centralisation has its disadvantages. The government should work towards decentralising state structures in such a way that people from remote areas normally do not have to visit the capital. This can only be done by making almost all necessary services available through regional centres.

Prajwol Thapa, Satdobato


England seems to be in an invincible form after its 5-1 rout of Kazakhstan Sunday. The latest victory comes in the wake of a convincing win against Croatia in the ongoing World Cup

qualifiers. It is the hope of all England fans that the team will play to its potential in South Africa in 2010.

Sam Gurung, Bouddha