Good initiative

I felt very happy reading about the Muslim holy festival of Ramazan in THT. It is true that even our most important cultural events do not get much news coverage. But festivals like Ramazan and Eid are routinely covered by government media.

The topic of the Hajj is also widely discussed.

Generally, Muslims have received love and respect from other communities in Nepal. I also agree with the government policy of not mixing religion and politics, which might in turn invite lots of other problems.

Sabir Hussain, via e-mail

No Dashain

The upcoming Dashain is the first after the formation of republican Nepal. For more than a decade, people could not go home due to Maoist conflict. Now it is the inundation in Eastern

Tarai that is spoiling the fun of the festival.

Even now, countless people are out on the road, sans food, clothing and treatment while privileged people buy new dresses and enjoy delicious food.

The salaries of government employees have gone up. At the same time, farmers seem to have been completely ignored by the new budget. Indeed, there is no Dashain for flood victims, farmers and menial labourers; with just about two weeks to go for Dashain, the rains show no sign of letting up.

Bal Krishna Ghimire, Arghakhanchi

Oil policy

The Minister of Commerce and Supplies has hinted at a likely spike in price of LPG to Rs 1,500 a cylinder after Tihar. I would like to urge the government to declare a “No tax, no subsidy” policy for all petroleum products.

Taxing of petro-products has increased the cost of transportation of basic commodities required for the survival of common people. It has also raised the cost of school bus service and medical care.

Past governments were not much interested in preventing taxes from going into the pockets of corrupt public servants and in curbing wasteful spending. A policy of “No tax, no

subsidy” on all petroleum products and free flow of oil across borders would substantially reduce the prices of daily necessities and remove the problem of scarcity.

V P Sayami, Kathmandu

No messiah

Former Maoist minister Matrika Yadav has time and again demonstrated his belief that he is

larger than the law. But he better realise, sooner than later, he is not. The news report “Matrika’s mantra:

Go grab land” (THT, Sept 25) left me in utter shock. Yadav is trying to prove that he is the messiah of have-nots.

Of course, it is urgent for the government as well as the citizens to help and understand fellow countrymen. We need to think of new ways to help disadvantaged groups. If seizing property is justified, other acts would have to be justified too, such as stealing, robbing and shoplifting.

Yadav should understand that his words influence other people and might inspire them to indulge in similar unlawful activities in the future. With the law of the land already so fragile, the country and its people cannot afford to allow the security situation to deteriorate further.

Pallavi Koirala, Maitidevi