Prachanda as new PM CPN-Maoist chairman Prachanda has, at the end of the day, been successful in becoming the first Prime Minister of the republic of Nepal. Prachanda’s

relentless effort at taking the peace process to its logical end and his subsequent election as Prime Minister is testament to the fact that hard work and determination pay — that anybody with a blend of charisma, determination, patience and leadership skills can reach the heights of success in politics.

However, Prachanda is likely to have a bumpy road ahead. All kinds of evils like poverty, lawlessness, roadblocks and criminal activities bedevil Nepal. Against this chaotic

backdrop, the Maoists should be better equipped to deal with the huge

challenges that lie ahead. Prachanda’s uninterrupted voyage at the head of the government will depend on how he manages to get along with the Nepali Congress (NC), which will definitely flex its muscles from the opposition benches.

Rom Nath Chhetri, via e-mail

Elite club

Maoist women activists have protested against beauty pageants like Miss Nepal,

alleging Hidden Treasures, the organiser, of glorifying physical beauty on the

pretext of fostering leadership qualities among young women. If Miss Nepal is a fair contest to judge the real calibre of women, why does it not include contestants from backward communities and remote regions?

Furthermore, what criteria do judges employ to select the ladies for the

contest? If Miss Nepal aims to represent the modern face of Nepali women, it should make the event more inclusive.

Dhananjay Shah, Kirtipur

Not right

It is sad that some of the major media partners associated with Miss Nepal are withdrawing their support for the contest. If the cause is right, no effort should be spared to back it up. Pulling support at the eleventh hour following a few protests may not be the best and sensible course of action.

Jaya, via e-mail

Return them

When the CPN-Maoist signed the 23-point agreement on Dec. 23, 2007, it had made the

commitment to return private and public properties the party had seized during the

decade-long insurgency, in a month’s period.

However, nearly a year after the pact, the promise remains unfulfilled. Now that the Maoists are ready to form a new government under the leadership of Prachanda, among the new government’s first duties should be to return seized properties to their rightful owners.

Ken Subedi, Biratnagar

High hopes

Almost four months after the Constituent Assembly election, CPN-Maoist chairman Prachanda has been elected the first Prime Minister of the federal democratic republic of Nepal. Fed up with corrupt and incapable leaders, Nepalis overwhelmingly supported the Maoists

during the April election. Nepalis expect a lot from the new government. I hope the Maoists will be able to win the hearts of Nepalis by ensuring good governance, peace and stability.

Subin Paudel, Pulchowk, Kathmandu