In right direction

This is in reference the article “Native Rights Declaration” (THT, May 8). It is indeed a

welcome sign to know that the Obama administration in the U.S. is reviewing the

endorsement of the resolution calling for the rights over local land, water and forest resources of the world’s 370 million tribal indigenous people in different countries. This resolution, although approved by a vast majority of nations in the U.N. General Assembly, had been side-stepped by the Republican Bush administration which sadly reflects remnants of right wing colonialist conservative mind set. However, the new socialist leaning Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has reversed the decision and expressed support for the U.N. declaration.

As Nepal has also ratified the ILO169 treaty respecting and recognizing the rights of

indigenous people over local resources...we hope that the Constituent Assembly while drafting the new constitution will seriously work towards ensuring and fulfilling the legitimate aspirations of the Aadivasi, Janajati community in this

country over the issues mentioned above.

Dr.Chhering Yonzon, Baluwatar


This is in reference to the news report “Starvation threat looms large” (THT, May 8). At a time when the people of seven VDCs Dhaulagoha, Khin, Thirpu, Ramhkot, Nanikot, Phurkot, Syuts of Kalikot have been facing acute shortage of food, the

government both local and central are turning a blind eye to this humanitarian crisis,

protracted drought and hailstorms that have caused severe damage of the food

production in Kalikot. In spite of the fact that the districts of far-western region faces food shortage every year, our government doesn’t seem to take steps to tackle the crisis well in advance. The only attention the political players are interested is in toppling the government or forming a new one instead of coming up with prompt concrete packages to solve this humanitarian disaster.

Zenith K.C., via e-mail


Apropos of the article “Shrewd maneuvers and manipulations” (THT, May 8), the writer seems more a politician than an economist. A prominent economist, a Nobel Prize laureate, Amartya Sen is not a politician. However, either an economist or a politician has to work with great endeavours to accomplish the goal. The only difference is: an economist works for the people’s welfare while a politician works for party’s interest, personal interest and, lastly for public interest. Better, he could have applied economic principles of poor countries when NC was in government for the first time. Then, he was shrewd enough to analyze economic matters, wasn’t he?

Lately, the videotape scandal has heated the political atmosphere. It’s an irony that it was aired right after the prime minister announced his

resignation. However, it revealed the Maoists’ hidden agenda and strategic plans. It’s clear that someone already has had hold of the top-secret of Maoist rebels recorded in the videotape. It doesn’t matter whether it’s NC, NA, CPN-UML or Maoist itself and it did not suddenly fall out of the sky. Why the videotape wasn’t made public while UNMIN’s work regarding PLA integration was in progress? It could have helped the UNMIN’s work and the Maoist-rebels reduced to some 4000 to 5000. If NC demands reconsideration based on what was said in the tape, it could lead to anarchy in the country. It’s being said that Maoist altogether had 100,000 fighters. Of which, a considerable number of forces have been mobilized as YCL for political purposes. If it really was a shrewd maneuver and manipulation, Maoists wouldn’t have incurred loss by bringing just 35,000 fighters before UNMIN for verification. What would be the scenario if 35-40% out of 100,000 combatants were selected? Wouldn’t it have derailed the peace process? CPN-UML has clearly stated that it has no concern and will not affect the peace process. Will NC and other parties agree for a new peace process regarding the integration if Maoists recounts the figure as 100,000?

Sanjay Shrestha, via e-mail Careless The HSEB cancelled the grade 12 examination of Principles of Accounting and Mathematics. Last year, HSEB had cancelled one paper. It seems that the HSEB cancels at least one paper every year citing that the

questions had been leaked. HSEB cannot do any right work in the right time.

Sarad Chandra Dahal, Modern Nepal College