Long way to go

The election of President and Vice-President was a major step towards institutionalisation of

republicanism in Nepal. But uncertainties loom large as the major parties have yet to settle their key differences. Following the success of Jana Andolan II, people were all agog about the prospect of social change and economic boom. But, contrary to their expectation, rising prices of daily commodities have made it difficult for common Nepalis to have two meals a day. Optimism among Nepalis has waned considerably after months of government inaction. If these uncertainties are not soon sorted out, there is a distinct prospect of another rebellion.

Subash Dahal, Kathmandu


Apropos of the news report “President, veep sworn in” (THT, July 24), Dr Ram Baran Yadav taking oath of office as the first President of Nepal was a momentous event. The new Vice-President, however, went a step too far by reading out his oath in Hindi. This may give some people doubts whether Jha can truly represent all Nepalis as his position demands.

Jha has said that his rise is the outcome of Madesh Andolan. By saying so, isn’t he trying to undermine the achievements of Jana Andolaan II, in which all Nepalis across the country raised a united voice for democracy, eventually paving the way for the sons of common people to get the nation’s two highest posts?

Rom Nath Chhetri, via e-mail

First duty

While drafting the new constitution, Constituent Assembly members should heed the voice of

students too. Politicians in the past have failed to provide students with a conducive educational environment.

As a result, students seem more involved in political affairs than in studies. Many of them are now busy protesting against the hikes in transport fares and other undesirable activities.

These political issues should be left to politicians; the students should rather focus on their studies.

Sansar & Santosh, Skyrider Secondary English Boarding School, Chitwan

Support MJF

It seems that the CPN-Maoist has decided to stay out of the government after the defeat of their candidate in the presidential race. If the largest party in the Constituent Assembly stays in the opposition, the Madhesi Janaadhikar Forum, which has emerged as a major political force in the Tarai, would naturally be interested in leading the new coalition. In that case, all the major political parties, including the Nepali Congress and the CPN-UML, should support MJF in forming the new government.

V P Sayami, Kathmandu

Go local

THT used to promote lots of Nepali writers through the Midway section. For some time, however, the write-ups of foreigners have been given preference. As these are mostly the

issues beyond the pale of ordinary Nepalis, Nepali readers find them insipid and boring.

THT should encourage Nepali writers so that they too get the opportunity to demonstrate their writing talents.

Bijay Shahi, via e-mail