Welcome decision

Apropos of the news report “MJF’s Jha VP; presidential run-off tomorrow” (THT, July 20), though the presidential election on July 19 did not give a clear winner, it was a good thing that the three key political parties nominated their candidates for the presidential and

vice-presidential posts from the marginalised communities. The revolutionary decision of the political parties can be seen as a major step towards bringing an end to discriminatory practices and doing justice to the backward and marginalised communities. All the

peace-loving Nepalis should welcome this decision.

V P Sayami, Kathmandu


This is in reference to the news report “MJF’s Jha VP; presidential run-off tomorrow” (THT, July 20). For the first presidential election in Nepal, all three candidates have been

chosen from the Madhesi community. The dawning of new Nepal, with the Madhesi leaders at the helm, can now be expected to bring an end to all sorts of discrimination Madhesis were subjected to for decades. However, these Madhesi leaders should keep the nation’s interests before theirs to win the hearts of Nepalis at large.

Pintoo Gupta, Kalaiya, Bara

Singh for prez

As the first leader who advocated republicanism and democracy together, Maoist nominee for the presidential post, Ram Raja Prasad Singh, deserves to be elected the first President of republican Nepal. Singh has always fought against feudal elements and has a political image that towers above everyone else. Furthermore, as a leader from the Madhesi community, Singh can be entrusted with the protection and promotion of the interests of Madhesi community as well as of the country as a whole.

Binod Prasad Shah,

Dohari, Kalaiya


This refers to the letter “No love lost” (THT, July 17). There seems to be no legitimate ground for the writer to express his displeasure with Kumud Ghimire’s Midway piece “Love letter” (THT, July 15). The article contains no indecent reference that is unacceptable to our society. Instead the writer comically explains how much neglected he felt when he had to attend social events without having his face shaven.

Mohit Singal, Kathmandu

Now, action

Now that the country is entering a new era, the leaders must identify the forces that can accelerate the nation’s development. While formulating national policies, they must prioritise empowerment of backward and downtrodden communities and strive to fulfill the aspirations of the Nepalis expressed through Jana Aandolan II.

Santosh Kalwar,

Ratnanagar, Chitwan

Old wine

Although CPN-Maoist, as the largest political party, is poised to form a new government, it should control the unruly activities of its youth wing Young Communist League (YCL), which has been involved in unlawful activities. To maintain law and order, the Maoists must first abide by the law of the land.

Ramesh Budhathoki, Nepalgunj