Aviation ideas

Apropos of the opinion of Nepal Association of Tour and Travel Agents President Ram Kaji Koney in the Brand watch column (THT, July 8), his concerns about government agenda to

upgrade aviation infrastructure are quite serious. Import of duty-free vehicles does not

correspond with the number of travel agents who are entitled to bring them into the country, which speaks volumes about irregularities in tourism industry.

In the past, MPs often misused or resold duty-free vehicles to businessmen. While providing such facilities to tourism entrepreneurs, the government should first classify the people on the basis of amount of tax they pay. Separately, consolidation of the Nepal Airlines Corporation, the national flag carrier, is equally important. It should be freed from political


Suman Raj Sharma,


Waste woes

This refers to the news report “MoLD to woo local bodies to manage waste” (THT, July 9). It comes as a relief to the residents of the capital that the Ministry is chalking out long term plans for waste management, a perennial problem in urban areas of the country. Without proper selection and construction of landfill sites, management of waste is next to impossible. On the other hand, household management of waste will help minimise the volume of garbage. However, it remains to be seen if the new plan reaches implemention level.

Manit Deokota,

Sukkhedhara, Kathmandu


This refers to the news

report “YCL cadre beats up factory worker” (THT, July 9). Even as the CPN-Maoist purports to have joined peaceful politics, its has not been able to control unruly activities of its youth wing. It is surprising that while the party is in the government it still does not hesitate to run a parallel administration. Granted, that the YCL was fighting for the rights of expelled factory labourers demanding reinstatement. But its actions cannot be justified when it resorts to

illegal means. The CPN-Maoist should improve its public image.

Rekha Karki, Gaushala, Kathmandu

Mend ways

Though the CPN-Maoist promised to return public property seized during the armed insurgency, it has not kept its word. Instead, during the CA meet, the party cadres said without slightest tinge of remorse that it was not possible to return it. It was with great

expectations that the Nepalis supported the CPN-Maoist in CA polls. If the Maoists do not mend their ways, it wil harm them ultimately.

Dwaipayan Regmi,



Apropos of the news report “CA members urged to redress women’s woes” (THT, July 8). Now that our country is ready to draft a truly inclusive constitution, it should give due

importance to the legitimate issues women have raised time and again. However, the demand that women be granted the right to parental property is unreasonable. Only unmarried women who have no choice but to depend on her parents should have the right to parental property.

Sukriti Sharma, via e-mail