A condemnable act

I was horribly appalled to learn about the expulsion of three students of Shree Diamond Boarding School though one of them is not HIV infected. Despite our acquisition of immense information, people still consider HIV/AIDS a social stigma. Nonetheless, discriminatory attitude of the intellectual people towards the innocent children under the pretext of pressure is condemnable and intolerable.

Teachers, considered to be symbols of light and harmony, have failed to convince and eliminate the orthodox belief. If a teacher succumbs to illogical and wayward feelings we can’t anticipate any change at all among the illiterate and narrow-minded people. It is shame on those teachers and principal who acted in such a shameful manner by expelling the said students. All, including teachers, ought to gain the knowledge that people can become infected by HIV through unsafe sexual contact, sharing of unsterilised needles or transfusion of contaminated blood.

The government must prepare and enforce strict laws to deal with people who discriminate against the HIV-positive people.

Priya Sherpa, Class 10,

Maiti Nepal Abnormal

Wasting three weeks on the issue of the sacking of the army chief and his reinstatement cannot be said to be normal. There was no need for the Maoists to remove Katawal as he would have retired after a couple of months.

The Maoists had some sinister intent. The other parties like UML, MPRF who could never take a stand also contributed to the imbroglio. The other parties are getting unified against the Maoists. So, the Maoist Government is now in controversy. Citizens are worried regarding what their future will be in a country where there is no consensus. Life is getting more difficult here. Another fact that the Maoists need to remember is that the unification of parties like UML, Nepali Congress, and MPRF etc can create challenges for the Maoist government,

because they were the same parties that threw monarchy out from Nepal.

Dwaipayan Regmi, via e-mail


Nepal has been without a real government since caretaker PM Pushpa Kamal Dahal resigned from his post over the CoAS row. With all this, the peace process and future of the country is

uncertain. The Maoists are demanding that the step taken by the President be withdrawn and are obstructing the formation of the government, thereby, hampering the peace process, the rehabilitation of former rebel combatants, making a new constitution and the building of a new Nepal. So all the concerned parties should now work as desired by the Nepali people to establish peace and harmony in the nation.

Pranav Gautam, London,UK


It is a matter of shame and regret that leak out of HSEB question papers are taking place. It reflects the negligence of HSEB in its duty to maintain secrecy in the examination department. If this continues anyone can imagine the future of higher secondary education in Nepal. Students who are sincere in their studies are victimized by such acts as they have to sit for exams again. Although re-exams are going to be conducted, it makes everyone suspicious about all the exams conducted by HSEB.

Sandip Khanal,Dang


This is in response to the news report “HSEB to punish centre chief for leaking papers” (THT, May 11). The incident of leaking of question papers of accounts and mathematics of Grade XII recently is intolerable and an unethical practice prevalent in the examination system of Nepal. As a matter of fact, every year such incidents take place.

In 2062, SLC question papers were leaked. Such practices create big confusion among the students. Furthermore, it has really hampered the genuine students as others can pass by unethical means. On the other hand, it raises a huge question mark over the examination system of Nepal. To abolish the growing culture of leaking question papers HSEB, Education Ministry and other concerned authorities should come forward with a concrete plan. This system should end leakage of question papers to earn credibility and not to play with the students’ future.

Bandana KC, Pepsicola